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In this blog we will discuss important topic of English Grammar i.e. Idioms.

Place the word ‘only’ anywhere in the sentence given below:
“She told him that she loves him.”

Interesting isn’t it? The word ‘only’ suits appropriate at all the places and literally changes the tone of the sentence with every change in its position.  

Let us discuss some tips and tricks that should be followed to answer them:

1. Context: If the Idiom is given in a sentence then assess the meaning of the Idiom with its context. This might help you to mark the correct option.

E.g: Learning difficult concepts of English Grammar is a piece of cake as long as you pay attention to our blogs and practice the exercises.

Explanation: This sentence talks about the difficulty of some English grammar concepts. So, the meaning of the Idiom must be ‘something easier’. 
And, the meaning of the Idiom ‘A piece of cake’ is something that is easy to do.

2. Options and sentence: There might be some instances where sentences will not be enough to find the correct meaning. In these questions, go further and read the options once. 

E.g: Everything has become topsy turvy since we have initiated the renovation of our house.

1.  Extremely complicated
2.  Disinfected
3.  Blurry in visibility
4.  Upside down

Explanation: Upon reading the sentence, we can infer that “topsy turvy” is related to a mess that has occurred in the house. Options like ‘Extremely complicated’, ‘Disinfected’, ‘Blurry in visibility’ are irrelevant as per the context of the sentence. When we renovate our house, the household items get upside down and messed. So, the correct answer is ‘Upside down’.

That’s all on the tips and tricks. Let us discuss some questions to have good clarity.

Direction: Given below is a set of sentences where each sentence comprises of an idiom that is emboldened. Find the meaning of the Idiom and mark the correct option. 

1.  This latest development came to many of us who are concerned about the problem as a bolt from the blue.

A.  Source of Inspiration
B.  Blessing in disguise
C.  Something Unexpected
D.  A narrow perspective

Explanation: The given sentence cites about a latest development that came to them unexpectedly. So, the correct answer is option C i.e. Something unexpected. 

2.  Quit beating around the bush and say what’s on your mind.

A. Beating a table
B. Moving like a vagabond
C. Confusing oneself
D. Avoiding the main concern.

Explanation: The correct answer can easily be found out as the other options don’t have any relevance to the sentence. The meaning of the Idiom ‘beating around the bush’ is avoiding the main topic. Hence, option 4 is correct.

3.  I know you didn’t mean to break my phone, so there’s no use in crying over spilled milk now. 

A. To be aware of the situation
B. To learn the aim
C. To know the secret
D. To express regret about a past incident

Explanation: The sentence says about an accident that has already happened. So, the given Idiom could be close to something related to regret or guilt. The meaning of the Idiom is ‘to express regret about a past incident that cannot be changed’. Hence, option D is correct.

4.  People who hit you below the belt are no less than cowards.

A. Hit at the weak spot
B. Attack someone unfairly
C. Attack someone suddenly
D. Openly criticize a person

Explanation: The word ‘hit’ signifies that the sentence talks about hitting someone. Moreover, the word ‘cowards’ in the sentence signifies that the act must be cowardly. From the list of options, it can be inferred that ‘attack someone unfairly’ is the correct answer.

Direction: Given below is an Idiom which is followed by five sentences. Out of those, choose the correct option that represents that particular Idiom.

1.  “Hold Your Horses”

A. Anant is always aware of the happenings near him.
B. Aman and Rahul share a great bond together.
C. Aryan is determined to rise up with a new life and start his works.
D. Himanshu has a lot of patience while dealing with his boss.

Explanation: Meaning of the idiom Hold Your Horses is “Be patient”. The option that signifies patience is ‘5’. Hence, option D is correct.

2.    “Keep an ear to the ground”

A. It is good to be well informed about the current trends and happenings before coming to the meeting. 
B. Focus on your present rather than daydreaming about success.
C. Your hard work at present will determine your success in the future
D. Harry Potter and Hermione were always curious and practical at Hogwarts.

Explanation: The meaning of the Idiom “keep an ear to the ground’ is to be well informed about the current trends, opinions, and happenings. Hence, option A is correct.
Another type of question that is asked in Idioms is fill in the blank. A sentence with one missing word of an Idiom would be given. You will have to find that correct word. Let us see one example:

Direction: Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

Why did you jump from a frying pan into __________ when you were aware of the risk at that place?

A.    Water
B.    Heat
C.    Fire
D.    Volcano

Explanation: Idiom in the given sentence is Jumping from a frying pan into a fire. The meaning of the idiom is ‘To come out of one trouble and get into a worse’. Hence, option C is correct.

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