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Boost your exam preparation with Best Test Series. Compatible with desktop & Mobile test app, attempt free mock tests for Bank PO, Clerk, SSC CGL / CHSL, Defence (CDS / AFCAT), CLAT, Police (SI Constable), and other competitive exams.

Rankers Hub provides you to practice a wide range of Best test series / mock exams to prepare for various Bank & Insurance exams (IBPS, SBI, RBI) and SSC / Railway exams (SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, Group D), CLAT, Defence (CDS / AFCAT), Police (SI Constable) and other competitive exams. The methodology of providing these free online mock test series for competitive exams is to give you a real exam experience and help you analyze your performance in detail. At Rankers Hub, you will be provided with both Topic wise tests as well as full length Mock tests with solutions and analysis. Download the Rankers Hub mock test app from the play store and start your preparation.

Mock Exam

Mocktest is very important because of the practice they provide confidence to face exams. Practice makes a man perfect. Multiple attempts of the Mock Test help students revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam. This way they remember what they have learned and perform well in the actual exam.

Mock test

Practice mock test series on daily basis to achieve sure shot success. Looking for the best free test series to practice online mock tests for the competitive exam? Then you are at the right destination. Rankers Hub provides you with a wide range of free online test series to help you prepare Online exams for any competitive exam with ease, along with a free mock test for all topics.

Government jobs are the most aspired among youth these days due to enormous job security, good remuneration, and stable life. Due to this the competition in the Banking, SSC, Defence, Police SI Constable, and other competitive exams is rising immensely. Rankers Hub test series assures you to be a step ahead in the competition and achieve the desired success. You can also view the latest videos on the Rankers Hub YouTube channel.  

Bank and SSC Test Series

Bank PO/Clerk Mock Test Series
BANK PO and Clerk Mocks Tests
SSC CGL Online test series
SSC Mocks Tests


Defence Mock Exams

TSPSC Group 4
TSPSC Group 4
CDS Test series
CDS Test Series
AFCAT Test Series
AFCAT Test Series

Looking for the best solution to practice online mock tests for the competitive exam? Then you are at the right destination. Rankers Hub provides you a wide range of test series along with a free mock test to prepare you for online tests for any competitive exams with ease.

Government jobs are the most aspired among youth these days due to enormous job security, good remuneration, and stable life. Due to this the competition in the Banking, SSC, Defence, Police SI Constable, and other competitive exams is rising immensely. Rankers Hub test series assures you to be a step ahead in the competition and achieve the desired success.

Key Features

  1. Topic-wise as well Full-length tests were provided to students.
  2. Prepared by the expert faculties as per the latest pattern.
  3. Questions are provided with detailed solutions for better understanding.
  4. After competing in the exams detailed analysis is provided regarding your performance.
  5. The online test series can be practiced on both PCs as well as on Mobiles.
  6. List of Exam Categories

Students desirous of a great career and are deliberate for a government job such as IBPS PO, Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B / Assistant SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Defence CDS, AFCAT or SI Constable, and more can mark their preparation and set an all-time high preparation.

  • Defence exams CDS and AFCAT
  • Bank & Insurance
  • SSC & Railways
  • SI Constable

How to Access Online Test Series?

To ease your difficulties, you can follow the step-by-step guide to accessing the online test series:

1) Visit the official website of https://www.rankershubindia.com/online-test-series/

2) Login with your credentials on the login page.

3) Click on the required exam category.

4) Now, choose the desired exam you are preparing for.


you can access the test series directly from the Rankers Hub App in your courses

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1) Are these full mock exams app for pc as well as mobile?

Ans. You can attempt questions, both on the computer as well as in the Rankers Hub App. For best practice, we suggest taking exams on the computer to give you practice exam experience.

Q2) Can I resume the online test series once the connection is back? 

Ans. Yes, you can continue the exam once the internet connection is restored.

 Q3) How can I buy Online Test Series?

Ans. To buy online test series, search in Google for mock test app download for pc

 Visit the test series tab from the navigation window https://www.rankershubindia.com/online-test-series/

Login with your credentials

Select your exam category online test series that you wish to purchase

Click on ‘Buy Now’ and pay the fee online.

Access to the online test series will be added to your account automatically.

 Or else you can also purchase from our Rankers Hub App by selecting the desired course available in the store

 Q4) How can I pay the fee for the online test series?

Ans. You can pay the fee through any of the following modes

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
  • PayTm
  • Google Pay
  • UPI ID
  • Wallets

Best mock test app

Rankers Hub App is one of the best for best mock test app for banking, SSC, CDS, AFCAT, CLAT, and all other competitive exams. We provide a range of exams at a very affordable cost. The best people will require the best mock exams, so come to the best site that provides the best mock test for all competitive exams. We are having best mock test series in India free for bank mock test, online mock test, free mock test, gk mock test, reasoning mock test, mock test online, exam test series, aptitude mock test, ib mock test, mock examination, online mock test in Telugu, online reasoning test, aptitude mock test free, telugu mock test, telugu gk mock test, upsc test series in telugu, ssc free mock test, etc

You may be having questions regarding the app for competitive exams, like what is the practice mock test series price. Our Rankers Hub online test series is very affordable; and easily accessible; we are the least-priced test series in the market so each and every student can afford the course. Our prelims mock test and mains mock test for competitive exams free is one of the top mock test series in India. Why do we provide a free online test for competitive exams? The simple reason is to see that students are not deprived of the best platform test series online mock exam due to the affordability factor.  Free practice test sets are very useful for the below-poverty-line aspirants, who have no other resource except to find us online.

Online Coaching Lessons for Remote Learning through Rankers Hub training programs can bring you a super exciting experience of learning through online! You never face any negative experience while enjoying your classes virtually by sitting in your comfort zone. Our flexible learning initiatives will help you to learn better and quicker than the traditional ways of learning skills. We have the top mock test sites for your entire needs of online test for competitive exams.

Best app for online test

Prepare with the best app for mock test which is CET (Common Eligibility Test) Ready Best Bank PO and Clerks, IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC CGL, CHSL, Railway, SI Constable, CDS, AFCAT, group 4 and all other competitive exams with our best comprehensive online video course and Test series for sure shot selection in government exams like Bank PO and Clerk (SBI PO & Clerk, IBPS PO & Clerk), SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, Railways RRB NTPC and Group D and Defence exams like CDS, AFCAT & INET).

Online Mock Test is Important

Mock test are based on the practical replication of the latest exam pattern and syllabus prescribed by various agencies conducting the competitive exam. Based on the requirement of the competitive exam, the exam syllabus and its pattern that is prescribed by the mock exam papers are prepared to meet the competitive edge to judge the potential of aspirants. The mock examination either has a negative marking or is without a negative marking depending on the government exam that is being taken up. There are various Rankers Hub mock exams like

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When an aspirant starts preparing for his exam, they should choose an online test series that is pc compatible test series free as well as a mobile phone-compatible test series. These online test series are held with timers to ascertain the students are completing the exam in the prescribed time. 

How to prepare for mock exams

When the aspirant starts preparing for the online mock exam, it is recommended that he or she should choose to start practicing on a computer as the same type of system will be used in the final examination. It convenient to take examinations on sectional tests as well as final full-length tests. For example, if you are preparing for a banking examination, then it is important to search for mock test for bank po & mock test for bank clerk, which are helpful for all bank-related exams like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant, IBPS RRB and also Insurance exams like LIC.

Taking mock test should be a regular practice, on a daily basis one is expected to complete one exam per subject in order to get a good grip on the exam. For most of the exams, you can find free mock tests in the websites. At the same time, you can also search in the Google search engine for mock exams like

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  26. telangana si test series
  27. online test for sub inspector

All these searches will lead you to your respective examination-free sites and mobile applications.

Which mock app is best?

This perhaps a tricky question as some students may be searching for a bank exam mock test app or some others may be needing a free mock test app for banking at the same time they may also be interested in the best app for SSC mock test and may type in Google like best app for mock test for SSC or best app for mock test SSC CGL or may also search like best free app for SSC preparation. So, depending upon the requirement of the user Google will provide the top or best study app for competitive exams. You can find a bunch of the best app to study for exams. Rankers Hub is one of the best competitive exam app for android students. The most searched terms in this category of the best app for practice test are:

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Other competitive exams app searches that are generally in demand and searched on Google search engine are.

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Best app for preparation

By installing the rankers hub app you can get access to daily current affairs, study notes, study material, online tests, exam notifications, topic-wise mock tests, and much more. Download Rankers Hub App now from Google Play Store. Rankers Hub preparation App has helped thousands of students to achieve their dream jobs. By downloading the rankers hub app you will learn and prepare with the best resources in India. Rankers Hub Android application has one of the best relevant materials and exams to crack the toughest exam pattern.

People also search us for:

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Best Exam Preparation App for competitive exams

Which app to choose for exam preparation is often the point of debate among students. You should always think of what is the criteria for choosing an app. Firstly, know what is your interested, whether it’s exams, an online video course, (or) both, or else you need daily current affairs or else live classes, or else an app that fulfills all the above requirements. Choices are many but you have to choose the one which gives you full support during your exam preparation. Rankers Hub App has the updated content and will assure you to be by your side throughout your learning process.    

All the best students for your future. Don’t forget to download the rankers Hub App from the play store

Important links: 

Group 4 test series – https://www.rankershubindia.com/course/tspsc-group-4-test-series/  

SSC test series –

Bank test series – https://www.rankershubindia.com/bank-exam-test-series/

SBI PO mock test – https://www.rankershubindia.com/course/sbi-po-mock-test/

SBI Clerk mock test – https://www.rankershubindia.com/course/sbi-clerk-mock-test/  

IBPS PO Mock test – https://www.rankershubindia.com/course/ibps-po-mock-test/

IBPS Clerk mock test – https://www.rankershubindia.com/course/ibps-clerk-mock-test/

CDS Test series – https://www.rankershubindia.com/course/cds-mock-test-series/


AFCAT Test Series – https://www.rankershubindia.com/course/afcat-mock-test/

you may also like our video course:

Rankers Hub is India’s fastest-growing online education provider. We offer Courses for Bank Exam like SBI PO, SBI Clerks, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk/Assistant, Combo course, SSC Exam (SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO), Insurance (LIC, NIACL), Railways RRB-NTPC / Group-D, TSPSC /APPSC Groups (2,3,4), Defence exams (CDS, AFCAT, INET). We offer both Online & Classroom (@ Hyderabad) with the best and based on the latest pattern including Online Mock Tests.

About IBT Hyderabad:

With vast experience in teaching students, we are proud of 100’s of success stories in Competitive exams like IBPS, SSC, CDS & AFCAT. To reach more students across the country who are unable to get quality education due to migration costs or other factors, Rankers Hub online class program is to reach and prepare the students for their dream jobs.

The group is focused on helping youth in getting jobs in the government and private sector. At a very economic package

  1. Rankers Hub, provides online course content designed and explained by experts in the industry for bank/IBPS PO exams and SSC CGL exams, UPSC CDS, AFCAT, INET, APPSC/TSPSC Groups 4. Also, We provide videos related to Bank Exams (Like SBI PO, IBPS PO, Bank PO, Bank Clerk, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, etc), SSC Exams (like CGL, CHSL, CPO, etc), Railway Recruitment Board (NTPC / Group-D) and other government jobs, where learning is imparted through crisp, to-the-point and relevant videos.

Online Course highlights:

  • Classes by Expert faculty
  • Regular live class Doubts sessions
  • Updated Mock Tests
  • Previous year’s paper explanation
  • Daily Current Affairs
  • and many other support services that are not available in any other online platforms
  1. YouTube Chanel: Rankers Hub channel, provides free online guidance for Groups, Bank SBI / IBPS PO, Clerks exams, and SSC CGL / CHSL / CPO exams by experts in the industry and Defence exams.

Our offer online course content for various state and central govt competitive exams like

  • BANK Exams (SBI PO / Junior Assistant)
  • IBPS CWE PO/Clerk    
  • IBPS RRB (Scale I, II & III) & Office Assistant (Multipurpose)
  • SSC (CGL / CHSL/CPO)                               
  • RRB (NTPC / Group-D)
  • UPSC CDS, AFCAT  and  INET Defence exams
  • TSPSC / APPSC Groups (2,3,4)   
  1. Corona virus: Due to Covid-19, it has become difficult to operate coaching institutes for classroom studies. To overcome this problem, we have come up with a unique solution. We have introduced Dual courses where we will provide Online and Offline class programs. This will help students to continue their studies even if they are unable to attend classes physically.
Course Content for video courses

Rankers hub Quantitative Aptitude Courses are designed by experts who have vast experience in training students for various competitive exams like SSC, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, etc. The course is built in such a way that beginners to advanced students will be benefited, even a Non-maths background student can easily understand and pick up within a few days. Best Shortcuts and Tricks along with Concepts are covered in the same that as classroom teaching.

Course Consists of:

  • 700 + Videos covering the entire syllabus as per the latest pattern for SSC and SBI/IBPS exams and other competitive exams are covered in this course. 
  • Best Shortcuts, Tricks along with concepts are covered for all topics 
  • Total of 4000+ practice questions with solutions pertaining to Topic wise sectional tests are provided to help you prepare in real time as per the latest pattern. 
  • These tests will be updated regularly to prove new tests regularly.
  • Daily Current affairs will be provided in the Study material tab in the app to prepare the students for day one competitive exams like SSC CGL, SBI / IBPS, and CLAT Exams. 
  • Current Affairs is available under the Study Material tab in the App.  
  • Live Classes for doubt clarification with the subject experts will be conducted from time to time to clarify the student’s doubts.

Syllabus for online exams

Quantitative Aptitude or Numerical Ability Syllabus         

  • Number System
  • HCF & LCM
  • Profit & Loss
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Time & Work
  • Time & Distance
  • Decimal & Fraction
  • Averages
  • Simplification
  • Partnership
  • Percentages
  • Ratio & Proportion 
  • Averages
  • Case Studies Charts and Graphs
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Probability
  • Data Interpretation – Bar Graph, Line Graph & Pie chart

Reasoning Syllabus         

  • Puzzles – Seating Arrangement: Circular/Direction-based/MISC
  • Number Series
  • Odd man out
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Blood Relation
  • Analogy
  • Syllogism
  • Alphabet Test
  • Ranking and Time
  • Causes and Effects
  • Direction Sense
  • Figure Series
  • Word Formation
  • Statement and Assumption
  • Assertion and Reason
  • Statement and Conclusion
  • Statement and Arguments
  • Statements and Action Courses

English Language or Hindi Language Syllabus      

  • Reading Comprehensions
  • Grammar / Vyakaran
  • Spotting Errors
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Misspelled Words
  • Jumbled Words
  • Rearrangement of Sentence
  • Jumbled up sentences
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Cloze Tests
  • One word Substitution
  • Antonyms and Synonyms

General Awareness Syllabus      

  • Current Affairs National & International
  • Sports Abbreviations
  • Currencies & Capitals
  • General Science
  • Government Schemes & Policies
  • Banking Awareness
  • RBI
  • National Parks & Sanctuaries
  • Financial Awareness Syllabus     
  • Current events in Financial World
  • Monetary Policy
  • Budget
  • Economic Survey
  • Banking Banking Reforms in India
  • Bank Accounts of Special Individuals Loans
  • Asset Reconstruction Companies
  • Non Performing Assets
  • Restructuring of Loans
  • Bad Loans
  • Risk Management
  • Organisations – RBI, SEBI, IMF, World Bank & Others

Computer Knowledge Syllabus

  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • History of Computers
  • Future of Computers
  • Basic Knowledge of Internet
  • Networking Software & Hardware
  • Abbreviations Shortcut Keys
  • MS Office
  • Database
  • Security Tools
  • Virus
  • Hacking
  • Trojans Input and Output Devices
  • Computer Languages

Preparation tips for Competitive exams

Syllabi are almost the same but different in questions of difficulty level. SBI PO demands deep knowledge whereas other exams are slightly less difficult to crack. You take to have enough time for preparing for these exams. Prepare a study plan and adhere to the timing and topics

If you want to crack that exam, then ensure that you will not take a gap in preparation and have to be consistent. You have to sacrifice your social media and other deviating activities and maintain a disciplined schedule until you write the exam.

Tips and suggestions are given at the end, now let’s talk regarding the preparation of different topics let’s deal one by one:

Quantitative Aptitude:

Bank Prelims exam demands SPEED & ACCURACY

  1. To start with, firstly one should master topics like simplification, approximation, quadratic, missing number series, and wrong number series. These topics can not be ignored as they cover around 15–20 marks. To master these topics, you need to practice them every single day. Because irregularity in these topics will decrease your speed and will also impact other topics in calculations
  2. Data interpretation: Data Interpretation and Analysis is the most challenging part of Quantitative Aptitude. This section cannot be ignored as there is no SBI or IBPS exam without this topic. A set of DI Questions easily earns you 5 marks. You have to learn types of data interpretation and practice questions on daily basis at least 5 DI. In the pre-exam, you expect one question minimum and two sets in mains exam from DI section.
  3. Other Arithmetic Topics: First, learn all chapters from basic to advanced. Topics like Averages, LCM & HCF, Ratios, and Percentages are the basics for all the topics in aptitude. So, mastering these topics is essential as in pre-exam, you can expect 10 questions and in mains, 80% section form this. You can easily solve the Data Interpretation section if you have a good command of these topics. If you complete one chapter then revise it after 3–4 days. If you do not follow, revision cycle then your hard work in this section may go waste. So keep it in mind that, Revision is very important for arithmetic.
  4. Profit and loss, simple and compound interest: The problem with going for questions of the chapter like Profit loss, Compound Interest / Simple Interest is that they require a lot of time to prepare. Basics and Concepts must be clear to master these topics and you cannot expect to complete these chapters in a few days. Try solving and understanding the questions and clues given and analyze the best method to solve, the question may be lengthy, but it can be solved easily in one or two steps. This only comes with a lot of practice. So, never get panic if you find a big question most of them are easy to solve. Once you are clear on this topic you can easily solve the question not taking more than a minute.
  5. Time and Distance/ Time and Work: All the suggestions mentioned above are applicable to this topic. Both the percentages and time-related topics require clearing your basics and concepts. You can find some tricky and confusing questions in time and works questions. It is important to note that, If you can analyze what exactly the examiner is asking the question can be easily done, or else, they may waste our time.
  6. Permutations and Combinations & Probability: Questions from this topic are often asked in Bank exams you need to practice extensively. Both Permutations and Combinations & Probability have their own strategies for solving. While preparing, you must first focus on Permutations and then Combinations.

Probability questions can be of any kind and often get confusing. You should practice previous years’ question papers and attempt mock tests to expertise this area.

  1. Mock exams: You are done with practice and revision. Now the next step is to write online mock exams. All your efforts in practice sessions can be monitored and improved only when you write mock exams. Many sites provide mock exams for free or at a very reasonable price. Do not miss writing topic-wise mocks to check your accuracy and speed. Follow simple steps, Practice – Prepare – Revise – Exams.
Important tips for Exams:
  1. For any competitive exam it is very important to revise previous years’ question papers. It helps you analyze the changing trends as well as check your preparation levels.
  2. Study plan – You should chalk out a study plan giving timing for all the sections of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English as well as Mains preparation in between.  The study plan should be such that you divide equal time to each section of the exam. We will discuss detailed study plan in the next article.
    1. You should focus on the revision of critical topics. Maximum effort has to be put into topics with maximum weightage. So, knowing the weightage of topics is very important. Check the weightage of various topics in my previous article.
    2. Section-wise preparation Strategy: As there is a fixed time to attempt each section you need to build a clear section-wise strategy to attempt the maximum number of questions with each section. If you are attempting the Aptitude section then they must pre-decide in mind what types of questions you are about to solve first. For eg: you can devote the first five minutes to questions, that you are an expert in and have a good command of, then the next two minutes to simplifications, number series questions, and so on.
    3. You must be very clear with the concepts. You are clear with the basic concept of Quantitative Aptitude, if you are not clear on the concepts then you will find it difficult to solve tricky questions. In main exams, it will be very helpful only if you are clear with concepts.
    4. Competitive exams are all about time management and accuracy. You should learn shortcuts for solving questions. Since there are sectional timings, learning shortcuts will help you to attempt the maximum number of questions in less possible time. You can practice with more and more sectional tests and take one mock test every day for each section. Since the exams are computer-based, practice the mocks on your desktop or laptop computer for optimum results.

Topic-wise Tips and Tricks in Reasoning

We have discussed topic-wise tips and tricks in Quantitative in our previous article. In a someway it is also important to understand the same in Reasoning to score more marks. Let’s us study the reasoning section topics one by one. 

  1. Distance and Directions.

This is one of the easiest and most scoring of all the questions asked in Reasoning. If you can read the statements carefully by focusing on one aspect at a time and making diagrams, then your answer is not far away. You should have a clear understanding of the directional coordinates and facing directions concept. If you are perfect in the concept, then you will never miss a mark.  

  1. Analogy

Starting the reasoning session with Analogy, Order and ranking, Alphanumeric Series, and syllogisms will fetch easy marks as these sections are straightforward based on general knowledge and common sense.

In analogy questions, you have to identify the relation between two components and find out if the missing element has a similar relationship with another element. Practicing more questions will fetch you marks.

  1. Order & Ranking

In order and ranking, there are a few formulas to solve these types of questions and making diagrams can also help. These questions are given to determine the rank/position of the person from bottom/left-right.

  1. Alphanumeric Series

Perhaps one of the most interesting topics in reasoning is a series of questions. These questions are based on the identification of the pattern in a given series

  1. Syllogism

There are two methods to choose to solve syllogisms, either you can choose the A, E, l, O rules method, or the traditional Venn Diagram method. It’s up to you to decide which method you will practice, scoring is important. It is important to read the questions before attempting the answers in syllogisms. Be clear regarding the statements and the assumptions.

  1. Blood Relations

We can expect two questions from this topic. Read the question carefully and draw a family tree accordingly. It should be noted that generations and relations between the characters asked should not be confused. You can easily score marks if you draw a perfect family tree.

  1. Inequalities

Mathematical Inequalities questions are complex expressions with mathematical symbols. You need to determine the relationship between different variables. Coded Inequalities questions consist of expressions coded with symbols. So first, you have to decode the symbols and then find the conclusions.

One of the best ways is to make a table and decode the given symbols. Thereafter rewrite the relationships using the decoded symbols. Combine all the relationships to get the combined statement to draw an accurate conclusion.

  1. Seating Arrangements

In seating, there are various models like circular, linear, square, etc. These questions are critical, tricky, and time-consuming. To master the topic there is only one tip “more you practice, the more you gain mastery over this topic”.

  1. Puzzles

Year by year the importance of the topic is increasing. More questions are asked about this topic, these are tricky and also time-consuming. Analyze and collect all the statements, do not miss any clue. The only way to master this topic is again the same practice – practice and more practice. You cannot ignore this topic to succeed in Bank exams. Complete your syllabus and do practice and practice & more practice.

  1. Input and Output: Questions on Input and Output are not difficult to solve but are time taking. To solve these questions, it’s important to remember that you should not miss any detail when processing the input because that is a common error that leads to a wrong answer.
  2. Miscellaneous topics.

There are other small topics that come under reasoning and may need attention such as data sufficiency etc. Practice these topics as they can be handy in fetching one or two marks. Data Sufficiency questions may be of any form. Data Sufficiency questions are likely to take the maximum time in solving them. Hence, with adequate practice and solving mock tests, candidates will be able to score good marks.

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