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Reasoning Tips and Tricks for Bank Exams

Tips to score high in reasoning in SBI / IBPS PO and Clerk Exams How to prepare Reasoning for Bank Exams like SBI / IBPS / RBI If you want to succeed in SBI clerk prelims 2021, then you have to work hard and score 30+ in reasoning ability. You take have enough time for

Bank Exam Preparation Tips

Preparation tips for the SBI / IBPS PO and Clerk Exams: Quantitative Aptitude  SBI & IBPS syllabus are almost same but difference in questions of difficulties level. SBI PO demands deep knowledge. You have to take enough time for preparing for these exams. Prepare a study plan and adhere to the timing and topics If


Coding Decoding

Coding Decoding For this topic, we just have to learn Alphabets. Yeah, we all have learned this in our nursery or pre-nursery classes, but we just have to look into those points which we missed out earlier or some points which were not as memorable before as “2 × 2 = 4” was. Coding is


Blood Relations

BLOOD RELATIONS In this section we will discuss about Blood Relations. We all have relatives, our blood relatives, so that, we can connect the question with ourselves and it makes us easy to understand and to find out what the question wants to say. The main problem of this section is the language of the

Quantitative Aptitude


In this section, we will discuss about what actually are algebraic expressions? How are they written? I know a lot must be going in your minds right now. Don’t you worry I’m here for you? Basically, algebraic expressions are made up of integers constant, variables, and algebraic operations. For example: 5×2 + 3xy – 2 ,

Quantitative Aptitude

Trigonometry (Part-3)

As in the last section we have learned about the complementary angles and heights and distances, in this section we will learn about Trigonometry (Value Based and Simplification). We learned the values of 30o, 45o, 60o, 90o of different trigonometric functions, here will see how we find out the values of the other trigonometric values. Signs