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India Sri Lank maritime exercise

SLINEX Exercise 

The 9th edition of the India-Sri Lanka bilateral maritime exercise SLINEX is hosted at Visakhapatnam, its aim is to enhance interoperability and improve mutual understanding between the navies of the two neighbouring countries in the strategically significant Indian Ocean Region.

About the Exercise

Sri Lanka–India Naval Exercise (SLINEX) is conducted in two phases.

  • First one the harbour phase at Visakhapatnam on 7 and 8 March 2022, includes professional, cultural, sporting and social exchanges.
  • Second phase is the sea phase on 9 and 10 March 2022 in the Bay of Bengal. This will include surface and anti-air weapon firing exercises, seamanship evolutions, and aviation operations including cross-deck flying, advanced tactical manoeuvres and Special Forces operations at sea.

SLNS Sayurala an advanced offshore patrol vessel from Sri Lanka Navy and INS Kirch of the Indian Navy which is a guided missile corvette will participate in the exercise.

History of SLINEX

The first SLINEX exercise took place in 2005. The eighth edition took place in October 2020, the previous edition of SLINEX was conducted in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Other bilateral exercises between India and Sri Lanka

India-Sri Lanka military exercise is Mitra Shakti VII edition was held at Foreign Training Node in Pune in December 2019, while in October 2021 Mitra Shakti VIII edition was conducted at Combat Training School, Ampara in Sri Lanka.

The aim of the exercise is to promote close relations between armies of both countries and enhance inter-operability and share best practices in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations.

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