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Desert & Grassland

What are Grasslands?

Grasslands are highly dynamic ecosystems that include vegetation that is mainly dominated by grass or grass-like plants. They are intermediate areas between forests and deserts made up of small grasses. Wooded grassland as 10-40 percent tree and shrub cover”.

Where are Grasslands found?

Grasslands occur where rainfall is usually low and/or the soil depth and quality is poor. Low rainfall is sufficient to support the growth of grass cover during the monsoon. Due to the monsoon grasslands acquire a seasonal appearance with periods of increased growth.

Grasslands are different from forests. Grasslands occur where there is sufficient moisture for grass growth but it is not sufficient for the growth of trees thus, prevent tree growth.

Grasslands cover about two-thirds of the landmass of the world and makeup about one-fourth of the earth’s surface.

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